The Home page offers information about the current status of SpeedyBackup. Here you can review details about the file types you have backed up, or view and manage your account information.

If would like to pause an active transfer, simply press Pause on the Home page, and Resume the transfer at your convenience.

Account Information

Your account details will be displayed and you can access the Account Management website.

  • Control Panel:  This button opens your browser and automatically logs you in to the Account Management website.
  • Available Space: The amount of space available for your account.
  • Space Used:  The total size of your SpeedyBackup files.
  • Backed Up Files:  The number of files backed up.
  • Backup Schedule: Identifies what type of schedule you are running for SpeedyBackup.
  • Account Status:  Shows whether your account is fully registered, under a trial version, or whether protection has expired and requires renewal.