If you see items queued for backup, you may have disabled Real Time Backups from the Backup Schedule.
The Backup Schedule allows you to select the times that are most convenient for your backups. For example, you may want transfers to take place overnight when no one is using the computer. Please note that your computer must be turned on during the scheduled time for transfers to take place.
To choose when SpeedyBackup transfers files:

1. Open SpeedyBackup.
2. Select Settings from the upper right-hand corner of the program.
3. Click the Change Backup Schedule button.
4. Ensure the Enable Schedule checkbox is checked and choose from the following options:

  • Real Time Backups: Files will automatically be transferred in real-time. This setting that ensures your backups are always up-to-date.
  • Hourly Backups: Select the specific minute that you would like hourly backups to commence.
  • Daily Backups: Select the specific time that you would like your daily backup to commence.

5. After making your selection, choose Save Settings.
You can also stop transfers during specific times by setting your preferences from the Backup Schedule. For example, you may want to stop transfers from taking place during the evening when you most frequently use the computer. SpeedyBackup will continue transferring files automatically before and after this time range.
To choose when SpeedyBackup does not transfer files:

1. Click the Change Backup Schedule button.
2. Ensure the Don't automatically back up during this time box is checked.
3. Select the Start time and End time to determine the time range.
4. After making your selections, choose Save Settings.
You can manually back up your files by selecting *Backup* from the left hand side of the SpeedyBackup program.