Your SpeedyBackup account offers a limited number of spaces to back up each of your computers. If you are encountering a message during installation that states, "Sorry! You have backed up the maximum number of computers," then your license has filled all available spaces and you can purchase more. This message can also be caused by re-installing SpeedyBackup and using additional spaces, in which case you can overwrite one of the duplicates.

When you receive this message from the installer, please choose one of the following options presented in the message:


If you have reinstalled SpeedyBackup multiple times, one of your previously backed up computers may be using multiple spaces.

Overwrite a duplicate space under your account and continue with the installation:

  1. Select the computer name that is taking up multiple spaces, or that matches the computer you are currently on.
  2. Click Next to take over that space.
  3. Click Yes to continue overwriting the space with your current computer.
  4. Continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Note: You can recover files from the space that was overwritten within 30 days by logging into the Account Management website and visiting the Backups tab.

By default, each license has one seat available to be assigned to a computer. You can obtain an upgrade if you would like to add additional computers to your SpeedyBackup account.


To add a computer to your account:

  1. Select My Files on the left-hand side of SpeedyBackup.
  2. Click Add New Features from the right hand side of the screen.
  3. Navigate to the Add a Device feature, and click Upgrade.
  4. Proceed with checkout.