The Settings menu offers ways to customize which folders and file types are automatically backed up on your computer and when files are transferred online. By customizing which file extensions are included in specific folders, you can keep your backup organized and efficient. At any time you can revert to the default settings by clicking the Restore Default button in the lower right corner.


The Options tab of the Settings page is where you set the global file extensions, change your backup schedule, and other general program behaviour.

Global Extensions

This feature allows you to specify which file types will be backed up from your computer. By default most audio files, documents, and pictures will be backed up. In order for a particular file type to be backed up its extension must be listed in the Global Extensions or on the Include tab.


To back up another file type:

  1. Click Add File Extension
  2. Type the file extension you would like to start backing up. For example, .txt is a text file, .doc is a Microsoft Word document.
  3. Click OK.



These options allow you to customize how SpeedyBackup will run.

  • Display exit Options when closing the program: When you close the program this option offers you the choice to fully exit or minimize SpeedyBackup. We advise you to keep SpeedyBackup running while minimized so you can see any important updates.
  • Minimize to the system tray instead of exiting: Enabling this option causes SpeedyBackup to minimize to the system tray instead of fully shutting down when you exit. If the option above is enabled, this option will be disabled.
  • Display SpeedyBackup transfer and account status notifications in the system tray: This option provides updates on file uploads or downloads directly in your system tray as they occur. It is a convenient way to keep track of files being backed up while SpeedyBackup is minimized to your system tray.


Change Backup Schedule

The Backup Schedule allows you to select the times that are most convenient for your backups. For example, you may want transfers to take place overnight when no one is using the computer. Please note that your computer must be turned on during the scheduled time for transfers to take place.

To change the Backup Schedule:

  1. Click the Change Backup Schedule button.
  2. Ensure the Enable Schedule checkbox is checked and choose from the following options:
    • Real Time Backups: Files will automatically be transfered in realtime. This setting that ensures your backups are always up-to-date.
    • Hourly Backups: Select the specific minute that you would like hourly backups to commence.
    • Daily Backups: Select the specific time that you would like your daily backup to commence.
  3. After making your selection, choose Save Settings.

You can also stop transfers during specific times by setting your preferences from the Backup Schedule. For example, you may want to stop transfers from taking place during the evening when you most frequently use the computer. SpeedyBackup will continue transfering files automatically before and after this time range.

To stop backups for a selected time range:

  1. Click the Change Backup Schedule button.
  2. Ensure the Don't automatically back up during this time box is checked.
  3. Select the Start time and End time to determine the time range.
  4. After making your selections, choose Save Settings.