SpeedyPC Pro makes it easy to scan your system for areas that can be improved.

To scan with SpeedyPC Pro:

1. Open SpeedyPC Pro.
2. From the Overview page, click the Click to Start Scan button, or click the button on the left called System Scan.
3. After the scan is completed you can review the items detected, and see if there are any areas you do not want to fix.
4. Once you are ready, click Fix All to begin fixing the detected issues.

SpeedyPC Pro will automatically scan the first time you install it, or the first time you launch it after restarting your computer. In addition, if you have SpeedyPC Pro scheduled to scan automatically, it will run at those times.

To review items:

While looking at the results page you may want to review the specific items to be fixed. You can click the Edit button next to any category where errors are detected to see a detailed list of exactly what areas problems have been detected in, and the specific files that are being identified as problematic.