To ensure that a specific folder is never backed up, you can exclude the location. When you exclude a folder, all files and folders within that folder are automatically excluded from backup.

Additionally, if you have backed up a folder or document that you no longer wish to back up, you need to exclude them from your backup list. If you only wish to exclude a single file in the folder, you should create a new folder for that file and exclude the new folder.

Right-click to remove a folder from being backed up.

  1. Right-click a folder that has been backed up.
  2. Choose Exclude from SpeedyBackup.
  3. The program window will open to the default page.
  4. You can confirm that the folder had been included by selecting Settings and navigating to the Include tab.

Browse for folders to exclude from within the program.

  1. Select Settings from the upper right hand side of SpeedyBackup.
  2. Click on the Exclude tab.
  3. Click Add Folder(s).
  4. Navigate to the folder you wish to prevent from backing up and select it.
  5. Click OK to confirm.

Excluded folder locations will display a blue overlay icon to show that they are being ignored by SpeedyBackup.